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     Nestled in the thick forest of Elwynn there is a cottage that at first glance appears quite ordinary. Most people pass by and do not give it a second thought, but every once and awhile, a stranger may feel the need to pay the small home a visit.  It has been told that the visitor departs from the main road and travels down a sandstone path and before they know it a little gnome is walking along side of them.

     The little gnome is friendly and always introduces herself as Justa and states that she takes care of the flowers.  As she and the visitor continue to walk down the path she talks about the cottage and how heroes of many lands have journeyed here to help protect Azeroth. She shares the stories of their adventures and their great deeds, and although the journey from the main road seemed like only a short walk, each visitor finds that they have spent hours hearing the tales of the brave adventurers who reside in the cottage.  
     At the end of the last tale the visitor finds themselves at a beautifully crafted bronze door with an inlaid hourglass.  As the visitor stands at the door a feeling of destiny begins to settle in one’s soul and it is at that moment that Justa will ask, "Are you a hero sent here to help or did you just come to look at the flowers?"      

Now take a moment my friend and reflect:

Do you find yourself compelled to visit the cottage or continue down the road      

Do you feel the desire to walk down the sandstone path and listen to the little gnome's stories?      
Are you meant to cross the threshold of the Hourglass Hall and become a part of Time?     
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Pet Show

Nimbus, May 19, 12 11:59 PM.
Nimina will be hosting a pet show outside of Stormwind next to Olivia's pond.  Bring your favorite pets and show them off!  There will be pets available for adoption as well as treats for the pets.  Rumour has it that even Prince Anduin is thinking about attending!
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